It’s About Time

I’m burned out, you guys. Today, as I was looking through my scheduled posts for the next month and a half, my entire being stopped wanting to do anything. Having a million other things to do doesn’t help the situation, and all I want to do ever is scroll through Facebook even though it makes me feel more like crap (my inner Marketing nerd cringes at the thought of Facebook, yet I’m addicted). I blame everything on the emotional things that have been going on in my life, because it’s easy, because I don’t want to get bitter and shove it down, because it’s at the forefront of my mind every single day. I will be the first to tell you that I love everything that I’m doing. Actually all last year, I dreamed that this year would be exactly how it is turning out. But I didn’t factor in two things: Number one, that I would be bogged down in so much STUFF, and number two, that my heart would feel this rachet.

I don’t want to complain. I feel like I complain too often on this blog. The reality is though, there are probably a butt load of people who feel the same way, and maybe it would help to know that I feel like crap too.

What am I going to do about it? There has been more than one time in the past two weeks that I have either watched a video or read a blog post that have encouraged people who are sad to get busy. Does this really work? Is it a short-term fix? Maybe it is. But I’m more than ready for something to change in my life. I’m done with expecting my life to get perfect any time soon. NEWS FLASH: My life will never be perfect (until I die and go to Heaven) so I better get used to it.

On the flipside, I have a whole dang lot of dreams going on right now. It is time for me to stop focusing on the one thing in my life that absolutely SUCKS and start focusing on the dozens of things in my life that absolutely DON’T SUCK. (And by “don’t suck”, I mean are completely fantastic.)

What would happen if I listed all of those things? Even just listing ten would help me understand the reality of my situation right now. I’ve never really thought about this before (because of the cliche factor and everything), but I think I’m going to do it. And on top of that, I’m going to make sure I remember all of those things and possibly even act on each of them every single day.

Why would I do this? I’m not doing it to hide the sadness, I’m not one for that. I’m not doing it to make myself feel better. I’m not doing it to make myself appear to be happier than I really am. I’m doing it because God has blessed me and I’m just not seeing it these days. One thing God has taken away from me. Just one. And He’s given me so much more. So why the heck am I not seeing it?

That’s why I want to make this list. As soon as possible actually. To thank God for everything He’s given me because it’s about time.

P.S. I’m switching my blog to a domain on Wednesday so stay tuned for that! I’m super excited to get over to that, it will be a blast! And I half-promise not to switch the design every third day, hold me to it, okay?




That Blessed Season, Spring

That Blessed Season, #Spring

I think we can all agree that getting through winter and staying motivated 100% of the time is one of the hardest feats to accomplish (at least as an average American, #letsbehonest). We sacrifice all that vitamin D and sunshine and light and warmth for nothing but frozen white crap that we get sick of the day after Christmas. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s unnatural. I juuuuust can’t stand it.

I mean, I get it, some of you guys love winter. I have some friends who dread summer the way I dread winter (which is totally weird to me). Personally, I hate winter and I pretty much do all my living when it is over at least 80 degrees. What better way to spend the day than in the sun with lots of natural light (something I’ve been craving like nothing else), and warmth and bare feet? Now that I’m back in California, I spend half my day outside working with my dog hanging out next to me. Let’s hit the beach, go to the pool, travel around to soccer tournaments, and get some sun on my white skin! This California girl just can’t focus when she’s still cold three sweaters later.

Can anyone relate?

That Blessed Season, #Spring

But it’s the end of March (what the…?) and Spring is upon us! If you’re living in a colder place, your spring is probably more than wet right now, and I’m very sorry (just enjoy the green that comes after all the rain!). I’m lucky, I get to experience a warmer version of Spring>> my mom’s roses are blooming, I accidentally tanned the other day while doing school outside, and I just took a bunch of jumping pictures with my siblings at the pool. But we can all agree. There’s nothing like that itch we get when we see the first flower, or witness the first cloudless sky of the year, or get to roll our windows down and crank up our favorite song. You get me?

The end is near everybody! If you haven’t yet witnessed a spring day (in that case, I’m extremely sorry), know that it’s coming sooner than you think! And if you have had a spring day and you’re living a cold and rainy one today, don’t worry. July is coming. And then you’ll be one of those people who complains about how hot it is when it is 85 degrees. Yup.

That Blessed Season, #Spring

Enjoy the season you’re in right now, if you possibly can! Spring, even the rainy days of that blessed season, means new growth. Maybe it WILL rain for 6 days straight and you will get ants in your pants so bad you have to share them on Facebook. But I always enjoy the green terrain that is born out of that. Pretty beautiful.

What is Spring like where you live? And what are you doing to enjoy/get through it?



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P.S. Thanks to my mom for growing these gorgeous flowers (because I would just kill them if it were up to me) (on accident, don’t worry) and thanks to our wonderful, apparently over-stocked neighbors for sharing your delicious fresh oranges!


When your to do list is a mile wide, pray.

This is all I have time for today because my to do list is a mile wide. The day has gone by so fast, like it still feels like it’s 2 in the afternoon and it’s almost 7 PM. Crazy. Hope this graphic encourages someone, I need to be better about this. Like one of my good friends said, “I’m going more for the strategy of, ‘The more stuff you have to do, the more time you should spend with Jesus.'” Sadly, sometimes that’s the first thing to go out the window, isn’t it. I’m off to go make dinner and ban myself from social media, email, and school for a little bit while I read some Psalms or something. Hope your Monday has gone well! Comment below anything exciting that you’ll be doing this week. And if you’re an email follower, you’re included! Visit my blog because I want to see your comment too!



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Time is Precious

FEB 24//

DAY 055 | // time is precious.

This week, I’m going to work my butt off. I don’t care that I’m tired of the cold and tired of work and tired of feeling behind. An hour spent well is only an hour. A short-term perspective is better than no perspective.

There will be times that I’ll want to waste precious time. Wasted time always goes faster than well-spent time. There is a better chance that I won’t be wondering where my time has gone if I actually use it.

And sometimes it’s just simple as screaming, “No Facebook.”

Can I get an amen?

Time is Precious

Tomorrow, I leave for San Antonio!!! I literally can’t wait. It is going to be an absolute blast and I hope it will feed me just a little bit more motivation. If you’re not feeling motivated, just remember, time is precious.

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Yes, I just quoted Dory. I’m glad you enjoyed that and that you also have “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” stuck in your head.


It is okay to feel unmotivated. It happens to every single one of us. Being that I’m completely unmotivated at all times right now, I get it. I was on such a high a few months ago and now I feel dominated by my uncontrolled emotions and strong desire to watch The Office or New Girl instead of get anything done. When it’s hard to take that next step and just get out of bed, life looks gray and not very inviting. I know exactly how you feel if you’re in this boat.

Well, I’m talking to both you and me here>> You CAN do it. I promise you that you can. Things won’t go smooth or quick and they sure as heck won’t feel good. Everything you do might come out half-hearted and your psych-yourself-up session might only last you an hour, but this will pass. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, it will pass. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you’ve given 80% (we all know how hard that 80% can be sometimes) and just focus on doing your best with the time and effort you’ve got. When you have the opportunity, walk around with a giant mug of your favorite tea, wearing your favorite-est comfy sweats, and end the night with your favorite TV show or a Pinterest sesh. Work as hard as you possibly can and get through it. Because “it” can be gotten through. I promise.

I’m with you on this one.

You Got This |

I hope you all have a spectacular week and that you find your motivation! I for one am going to amp up the Indie music that has got me going and fill myself up with yummy tea. WORK. Let’s go!

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