My Favorite Blogs Lately

I don’t know if you guys know, but I tried my hand at blogging a couple of years ago when I blogged with my sister and friend about life issues (mostly abortion). If I had the urge to start a controversial blog again, there are about a million things I would do differently. Through that year or so of blogging sporadically, I discovered a world unknown to me, the blog world. I guess I didn’t really know what to think, but I still follow a couple of the blogs I found years ago. As Pinterest became apart of my life and then some of the bloggers I followed got on Instagram, I was blog-aware. But it wasn’t something I was like super into, it was more based on the person actually blogging (which that’s what it’s supposed to be anyway, but that’s another post for another time).

Then I started this blog.

And next week I’m launching a much better blog. Blogging is suddenly worth an investment to me.

Obviously, I decided to start this blog and get back into the blogging world, but I didn’t exactly expect I would jump in as far as I have. I got back into Bloglovin and now I’m smitten. My eventual goal was to start a YouTube channel, but I didn’t have the time, and I knew I needed to start building my audience as a Marketing major. I don’t know if I’ll even do that. I’m stuck on blogging for now.

All that to say, even though I wasn’t expecting this to happen, I absolutely LOVE looking at blogs! I could probably do it all day actually. So for my content-sharing day, I wanted to share a few of my favorite posts from the last week. Ready?

My Favorites Lately

Playing with Phone Lenses // A Beautiful Mess

This post is from A Beautiful Mess. Now I’m ready to buy phone lenses! I’m also getting way into Instagram, and I would LOVE to have the variety a phone lense would offer. We’ll see.

Full Page Scrapbooking

Full-Page Photo Scrapbooking Ideas // A Beautiful Mess

Okay so this one is from A Beautiful Mess too. But it’s just so perfect!!! Obviously, I don’t have a family, and I’m totally not even thinking about having one right now, but this would be AMAZING for documenting trips or something, right??? I might just have to do this with pictures from Colorado after this week! I’ve never been into scrapbooking, my scrapbooking talent is very limited in the range of tacky to extremely tacky; but I feel like I could totally rock this idea.


Hirashima // Miss Moss

My jaw dropped when I saw the rest of the pictures of this amazing couch. Some of this Hirashima furniture was featured on Miss Moss. My love for saving space is both a strength and a weakness. This couch tops everything and if I ever happen upon a small apartment and a lot of money (har har), this couch is happening. Plus, I LOVE how it looks!

An Astrology Reading // A Cup of Jo

An Astrology Reading // A Cup of Jo

This post was too cute not to share. Okay, I know Astrology Reading sounds so New Age of me or something, and I don’t really know if I exactly believe them, but this date idea was adorable! Check it out on A Cup of Jo.

Resident Tourist

Resident Tourist Link Up // Quaintrelle

I actually just found Quaintrelle today and I’m hooked! I wanted to share this idea with you. This is a monthly Link Up so I might participate next month! If you have a blog, definitely look into doing this! Such an awesome idea!



How to Break the Mold and Be an Independent Thinker // from The Entrepreneur

Okay so I’m going to go kind of mainstream here, but it could work itself out if some of you haven’t heard of one of my favorite ever magazines, The Entrepreneur. If you are interested in even just creating (not even a business necessarily), you need to spend some time on or at least follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook. AND, if you are a student of any kind or young and aspiring to create and innovate and possibly start a business, don’t forget to follow The Young Entrepreneur too! (Twitter // Facebook) I’m not joking about this, I’m dead serious. The Entrepreneur is a resource that you don’t want to miss and you shouldn’t miss! They have new free content out constantly and it is always amazing and offers valuable insight from people who have been there and done it.

OKAY, now to my actual point. The other day, I clicked somewhere (I have like five different social media options because I’m OBSESSED) and found this article on The Entrepreneur entitled, “How to Break the Mold and Be an Independent Thinker.” Instantly, my attention was grabbed. As a creative who is also obsessed with other creatives who also knows the unconventional (but now conventional) urban wisdom that “Great artists steal,” I still want to be able to create something new and different and striking. This article was everything I wanted to expect and more. Three simple ideas have already started to change the way I think about things. I really should write them down everywhere so I never, ever forget them.

So now it’s your turn! This article takes about five minutes to read, but if you are an aspiring or even professional creative, these thoughts from Nadia Goodman on The Entrepreneur could change the way you think about creating for the better. Read the article here!

And while you’re at it, read the latest posts from The Entrepreneur and tell me what you think! Comment below or tweet me (@AubryStewart)!



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Breaking My Own Rules

So I’m going to kind of break my own rules and not post something theological or philosophical today. This week has been jam-packed of stuff to do and I really don’t have anything prepared (again). I promise this week will be a lot better (seriously).

Well I saw this cover by Pentatonix of “Say Something.” For a while, I’ve been the skeptical person who thinks Pentatonix is so overrated and everyone is just going crazy over them because everyone else is. But I ran into this cover of “Say Something” (one of my favorite songs right now) and was quite impressed, so I thought I’d share. Comment below and let me know what you think!



Why Christians Should Engage Non-Christian Art

If you haven’t discovered Relevant Magazine yet, you should really check it out.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you might have seen my tweet of this last Thursday. One of my Facebook friends shared this and, naturally, I had to read it. I love love love what she says about secular music/art. If you’ve been reading my blog lately, it’s been a topic of conversation for a couple of weeks.

Go read it!



P.S. If this goes up as scheduled, I am now flying south (FINALLY) to go to Texas! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to stay updated with my trip! I think that on Saturday, I’ll have a blog post with pictures from my travels. Can’t wait to share!