New Blog!!!


Tomorrow my new blog domain is launching! I am super excited to get over there. It already looks sooooo much better and I have way more control.

What to expect on my new blog (stay tuned for the link coming tomorrow!):

  • Daily posts. Just like on this blog, I will be posting every day!
  • Daily themes. I’ll keep the same themes for each day of the week! In case you don’t remember, those are: Sunday: Philosophical musings > Monday: Motivational > Tuesday: Outside Content > Wednesday: Beauty/Fashion > Thursday: Education/Learning > Friday: TGIF > Saturday: Miscellaneous
  • Hopefully more inspired blogging. Already, I’m having way better ideas and my blog is going further in my head. It’s crazy how much a good-looking blog can help with inspiration and motivation!
  • The same me. Hopefully you weren’t worried about that. I’m still the crazy-ass lady I’ll always be.

Do you have a blog? Leave the link in the comments below!

See you tomorrow!

Love Aubry


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