Spending Time on Yourself

You know how I said I’d be journaling all last week? Yeah, well that didn’t happen.

Here’s how last week went.

On Monday, my super awesome friends Ali, Christiana, and Jessica came to my house to sleep over. The next morning, we woke up at 3:30 to get to LAX. Our flight left at 6:25.

We got into Denver that afternoon and took a bus to Estes Park (why the heck am I giving you all these details???). ANYWAYS, we went on a Capstone trip for our leadership classes we’ve been taking that was in beautiful Estes Park. (P.S. Our friend Joseph from Oregon also came and he’s super awesome too.)

These classes are designed to be intense and this one is no exception. Almost all day for three days we were in sessions either listening to a lecture or collaborating with other students. On top of that, I was also trying to get registration up, attending meetings, and writing content for the CPE3 (the CollegePlus event I’m planning for September). And half forgetting that I have a blog and I’ve promised to post every day. I think I got no more than 5 hours of sleep every night (which I did that last semester and my body all but refuses to cooperate when the same need arises, HA!).

So there are the excuses for why I didn’t journal at all.

Okay. So my goal is to journal this week. My plate is still as full as it ever was, but I need to have times when I can just disconnect from the world and reflect on it. However, that takes discipline, something I’m really lacking right now.

Do you feel the need to disconnect like this and concentrate on yourself? One thing that kept coming up in sessions was the fact that I need time to recharge. Journaling provides a unique and purposeful way to spend time with God and to give myself time to relax and rebuild my energy.

If you are struggling in the same way, hopefully this post encourages you to do what you can to fix it! Comment below!




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