Great Artists Eat

How do you get creative?

Great Artists Eat

Do you ever feel like you have to think everything up on your own? That it’s a crime to feel inspired by someone else’s work because that would be stealing? Or even that if you can’t be creative purely without anyone else’s ideas, you aren’t actually creative? I definitely have these thoughts. All the time. Underneath, it’s embarrassing when I finally feel inspired only after seeing or hearing the work of someone else.

Whenever I listen to Sarah Bareilles (my musical hero), all I want to do is sit at my piano and write a song (which is hard because usually I listen to music late at night #oops).

I’m starting to read other blogs every day and I’m noticing that, oh, suddenly it’s easier to write. Weird.

As I venture into the YouTube world with CollegePlus, there are certain YouTubers that I always watch before I film a video. The Vlogbrothers make me energetic and able to think and talk fast. iiSuperwomanii and Grace Helbig make me witty. Is that cheating?

Great Artists Eat

IS it cheating? Who knows, but I do know that I’m a better artist and more creative when I surround myself with skillful people. Isn’t that the design of things? God commands us to spend time with other Christians. Can’t it be the same with creativity?

All I’m saying is that yeah, “Great artists steal,” but great artists also eat. They feed off of the work of other artists. Or at least they can.

Great Artists Eat

And I say, why not?




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