Lately, According to Instagram



Lately, According to Instagram

Lately, According to Instagram


Lately, According to Instagram


Lately, According to Instagram


Lately, According to Instagram


Lately, According to Instagram



Lately, According to Instagram






Lately, According to Instagram






1. It’s shorts weather, right when it’s supposed to be.

2. Had a little fun with the camera at the pool!

3. She’s a country girl.

4. Fresh California #oranges in March definitely make me happy.

5. Cropped my useless senior sweatshirt because I’m cool like that. #caligirlforever

6. My mom’s flowers are blooming!

7. Nothing like bonding over Starbucks with sisters.

8. #UrbaneCafe with my friend, Brittany!

9. Jr. High youth group with some of the funnest people ever.

10. Did some laundry, had honest devotions, and helped my body with Pilates. Then I finished my juice. Pretty good morning, I’m so thankful for everything in my life!

11. So I’ve been taking pictures of food lately, but this chicken pot pie was very good. Oh and my two and a half hour nap was amazing too.


Usually, when people do these “Lately, On Instagram” posts, it’s all their stuff, right? Well this was so good I just had to share. I’m pretty picky about who I follow in Instagram, I like to get inspired when I scroll down my feed, not ashamed for humanity by all of my sisters’ “friends”. I’ve been following Paul Octavious for a while now, and I really like his stuff! I saw this the other day and I was agape with amazement. What an amazing idea! I’m still working on making my instagram feed good enough for this, but if you’re proud of your instagram, or even your photography in general, this is an amazing idea!


@pauloctavius on Instagram



@pauloctavious on Instagram


Follow @PaulOctavious here.

Follow me on Instagram here.

Have an awesome Saturday!!! I’m hitting the beach today (woohoo!).




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