Weekly Wishes, #1

The Nectar Collective

Ready to be amazed? TWO POSTS IN ONE FREAKING DAY! Yep, this is happening.

One of the blogs I follow on Bloglovin (follow me here) called The Nectar Collective has a weekly link up that I just found out about (I’ve been late on checking my blogs, okay?). It is called Weekly Wishes. Basically you just list your big (or small) goals for the week. The best part, I think, is that you MUST visit the person who linked up directly before you and leave them an encouraging comment. I think it’s great, because I’m all about building online relationships, especially with people who are doing something similar to you. And duh, I’m pretty much the biggest goal setter I know. Every single day I have to write down my 35 goals for the day. And I find motivation and direction by listing out my big life goals (I’m actually going to write a blog post about this to come out on Thursday). Anyways, I hope you enjoy these, AND please leave me a comment with at least one of your goals for the week.

(I may not do this weekly link up every week, but I will do this fairly regularly, so stay tuned for that!)



one. Pack for Colorado early. I always feel like when I go on trips, I am packing right up until the moment I leave. That has to happen to an extent because I usually bring stuff I use on a daily basis. But sometimes it gets to the last hour before I have to leave and I’m frantically cleaning up and stuffing things into my suitcase. My goal is to be packed and ready to go on Monday, late-morning. I leave early Tuesday morning (!!!).

two. Get blog posts ready to post for two weeks. I have everything planned out until like the middle of May (yeah, that happened last night), and now I know exactly what to write and plan for. I’ll need to have most of my crap ready for next week since I’ll be gone for most of it, and I’d like to be ahead even after I get back!

three. Live in the moment. I have so much going on that it’s easy to think about everything but what I’m doing at the moment. My goal is to focus hard on what every moment holds and worry about other things later. Can you relate?

four. Start rolling on my new blog design. I mentioned yesterday that I am going to be moving my blog to a domain and getting it all pretty and stuff. Ugh, I hate this blog design. I really do. I’ve begun the process of experimenting and building the new one, and I can’t wait for you all to see it! I haven’t actually bought the domain yet, so I’m open to ideas for what my blog should be called! Right now I’m kind of thinking “Curly Aubry” since that kind of explains me and my life in two words. God knew what He was doing when He gave me curly hair. I have a messy, curly life too! Anyways, I flipping can’t wait to get things moved over there, but if you have any ideas, please please please let me know!!! (I’m planning on continuing with daily posts, it just will be called something different.)

five. I read on someone’s blog yesterday (sorry, I can’t remember who) that they often do fasts from certain things in their life. For instance, Facebook, or something along those lines. When I read that, I suddenly felt liberated. Seriously, how nice would it be to spend a month away from Facebook (since I really don’t think it adds anything to the marketing game today anyways) and just focus on everything important. (If my parents are reading this, they are probably chuckling right now.) It felt so good to think that way that I didn’t check Facebook this morning. Then I realized, however, that I use Facebook to communicate with the people I’m working with right now via a Facebook group. It makes sense for all of us, really, to communicate that way. So fasting from Facebook for a month is out for me. However, here’s my goal that comes out of all of this. I want to demonstrate discipline when it comes to Facebook. My notification count shouldn’t ever matter, and all I really have to look at is the sidebar where my groups are to see if there is anything new that I should know about. I could probably stand for just checking Facebook once a day (whoa.) and going on at other times only to post a question or a comment to my group. What has overtaken your life that you both should cut back on and would free your spirit a little more if you did? We’ve all got one!


Alright, so there you go! I’ll post an update hopefully sometime next week to let you know how this has gone. I always have goals, but there is something about writing them down and telling people about them that makes me that much more likely to follow through, you know?

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Hey there! I found your blog via The Nectar Collective and I wanted to stop by and say hello. Last week, one of my goals was to be packed before 2 am the night before I was supposed to be leaving for a trip. I am the worst at being packed ahead of time (i was packing until 3 am the night before we left for our honeymoon last August!) so I totally feel your pain. Good luck with everything and see you around!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Alison! Haha, I’m definitely the same way. The internet (or SOMETHING) just draws me in way too easy when I’m supposed to be packing. It’s bad.

      Good luck to you too!


      P.S. Congratulations on getting married recently!!:)


  2. Great goals! I totally agree with you on the last one. I’ve been on a once a day with facebook and twitter for some time now. All others get a 30min max time, per day, each. You really do get more done away from the computer. lol 🙂


    1. Totally! I’m kind of in a tough spot because so much of my life demands social media, like communicating with people I work with and marketing. But I always know whether I’m being productive on social media and when I’m totally not being productive, and Facebook adds nothing to the productive category, haha. Thanks for stopping by!


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