That Blessed Season, Spring

That Blessed Season, #Spring

I think we can all agree that getting through winter and staying motivated 100% of the time is one of the hardest feats to accomplish (at least as an average American, #letsbehonest). We sacrifice all that vitamin D and sunshine and light and warmth for nothing but frozen white crap that we get sick of the day after Christmas. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s unnatural. I juuuuust can’t stand it.

I mean, I get it, some of you guys love winter. I have some friends who dread summer the way I dread winter (which is totally weird to me). Personally, I hate winter and I pretty much do all my living when it is over at least 80 degrees. What better way to spend the day than in the sun with lots of natural light (something I’ve been craving like nothing else), and warmth and bare feet? Now that I’m back in California, I spend half my day outside working with my dog hanging out next to me. Let’s hit the beach, go to the pool, travel around to soccer tournaments, and get some sun on my white skin! This California girl just can’t focus when she’s still cold three sweaters later.

Can anyone relate?

That Blessed Season, #Spring

But it’s the end of March (what the…?) and Spring is upon us! If you’re living in a colder place, your spring is probably more than wet right now, and I’m very sorry (just enjoy the green that comes after all the rain!). I’m lucky, I get to experience a warmer version of Spring>> my mom’s roses are blooming, I accidentally tanned the other day while doing school outside, and I just took a bunch of jumping pictures with my siblings at the pool. But we can all agree. There’s nothing like that itch we get when we see the first flower, or witness the first cloudless sky of the year, or get to roll our windows down and crank up our favorite song. You get me?

The end is near everybody! If you haven’t yet witnessed a spring day (in that case, I’m extremely sorry), know that it’s coming sooner than you think! And if you have had a spring day and you’re living a cold and rainy one today, don’t worry. July is coming. And then you’ll be one of those people who complains about how hot it is when it is 85 degrees. Yup.

That Blessed Season, #Spring

Enjoy the season you’re in right now, if you possibly can! Spring, even the rainy days of that blessed season, means new growth. Maybe it WILL rain for 6 days straight and you will get ants in your pants so bad you have to share them on Facebook. But I always enjoy the green terrain that is born out of that. Pretty beautiful.

What is Spring like where you live? And what are you doing to enjoy/get through it?



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P.S. Thanks to my mom for growing these gorgeous flowers (because I would just kill them if it were up to me) (on accident, don’t worry) and thanks to our wonderful, apparently over-stocked neighbors for sharing your delicious fresh oranges!


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