For the past few weeks, I have been completing the third course in a series of Leadership Courses taught by Dr. Jeff Myers. First>> If you haven’t heard of Jeff Myers, you need to. Stop. Click here.

Practice Makes 1000% Improvement.

Anyways, in a lecture I was watching today, he talked about how scientists have found that after 200 hrs. of intense practice, a person can increase their competency in a subject by 1000%. Three zeros. Dr. Myers began to explain that 200 hours is not an infinite amount of time>> if you think about it, it is only 10 hours a day, every weekday, for 1 month. Actually pretty doable, if you ask me.

I began thinking about when the heck I’ve spent that amount of time on anything and I realized that I have. Learning! Haven’t we all? Here’s the thing, last semester I increased my ability to learn by a lot, and here’s why>> When I sat down to learn something, I didn’t just force it into my brain haphazardly. I really made myself figure out how to learn efficiently.

For a while, I’ve firmly believed that anyone can change a “bad” quality about them just purely by practice. For instance, I was a stereotypical introvert, hated talking to anyone (still do sometimes). Now people honestly believe that I am one of the most extroverted people they know. Another example is the fact that I am one of the most undisciplined people I know. I haven’t improved in this as much as in talking to people, but I’ve gotten a whole lot better, and I can look back every month and see improvement.

What am I doing differently? In all three of these examples, I am not haphazardly living and hoping that I get better at things that are really hard for me. Every time I sit down to learn, or go out to talk to people, or manage my time and stick to it, I am practicing. Each of these subjects are skills to be learned, however intangible they may be.

What is a skill you want to practice like this? Maybe it’s intangible like my examples. Maybe it’s been on your bucket list to learn the piano (in which case I can help with that). Start dedicating hours to practicing a skill every single day!




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