On Friday and Los Angeles and George Washington

I feel like every day at this point is like,

Oh man, thank God it’s Friday.

Except 6 out of 7 of those times, I’m like,

Oh wait. WHY ME.

On a lighter note, I’M GOING BACK TO L.A. on Tuesday! I mean, okay cool, Spokane you have some pretty amazing people to boast about, but other than that, your weather sucks, your drivers are slow, your freeway is like an hour away from my house, and your businesses close at like 7. I have a million things on my to-do list and I’m not getting anything done and yes, I’m blaming it on Spokane.

It sounds stupid, I know, but just watch, once I drive at the 50mph speed limits, yell at some idiot for driving too fast, get stuck in traffic, go for a walk in the Paseo along with crazy people and their too-small dogs (in strollers, yes that happened), eat at In ‘N Out, shave my legs finally because I’ll have a reason to, dig out my swimsuit to lay in the sun, go to The Getty or Universal Studios with some friends, go for a run with my dog in the nice weather, and hit the beach (and grab Little Caesar’s on the way back because tradition), I will feel like a new woman and all that getting my school done and planning ahead for my blog and doing marketing for the CPE3 (which, if you’re a CollegePlus student, YOU’RE COMING) will fall into place and I’ll actually be working between the hours of 8PM and 12AM instead of watching YouTube videos and eating junk food.

That was probably the longest sentence since George Washington. Actually I have a story about that. But it’s really not that interesting.

Anyways, there’s just something about hustle that I desperately need in my life, and I’m extremely excited to get back to it!

Hope your Friday is SPECTACULAR (hope mine is too) and I hope this goes out in the morning rather than the evening (I’m writing this Thursday night, look at me go) (Hahahaha, well THAT didn’t happen).




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