Social Media Examiner

I’ve been racking (wracking? I don’t know) my head all day to try to figure out what the heck I’m going to post with my crappy arms (translated: short blog post) and that has to do with learning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve got it.

I could go into a long thing about how you can learn anything on the internet and it’s so wonderful and you should all get off your butts and all that (which, Hello, my name is Aubry, and I’ve been watching YouTube all day for the past three days straight) but you’ve all heard it before and I’ll spare you until the next time I have the urge to preach.

But until then, here’s an AMAZING resource that I absolutely love. Unfortunately, this only will get you excited if you’re a marketing major, but if you’re not and you have another resource that you’d like to share, put it in the comments below!

The resource is Social Media Examiner and it. is. awesome. Most everything I know about content marketing and social media has either come from Social Media Examiner or has stemmed from it. Then there are all my infographics on pinterest and the blog posts that I love reading and all that, but Social Media Examiner is really where I found my love for Social Media marketing (we found love in an ad-less place). There are weekly (weekly? I think weekly) podcasts with special guests who are the leading experts in the different kinds of platforms. I love scrolling through them and choosing them based on topic. Literally, I’ve worked out to these things, and there are so many of them! If you own a business or are interested in starting one, Social Media Examiner is a MUST for you. Seriously, if you think you’re smart by having just a Facebook page, Social Media Examiner is calling your name.

By the way, you’re not smart for having just a Facebook page. Just throwing that out there.

Do you have any cool internet places I should check out? Please! Leave them in the comments below! I am ALWAYS looking for good internet resources!

Hope your day has gone well!




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