To Bangs or Not To Bangs

Usually my best and most final decisions are completely spontaneous. I have an idea and I decide that, no matter what, this is happening. So it was with my new fringe.


Now, you have to understand, the only time I have ever had bangs (more like long side bangs) in my life is when everyone I knew had the punk look going on and I just HAD to have them. Every day I would straighten them and my family would make fun of my part straight, part curly hair (because that’s just a given). Well, the other day (after a few days of noticing cute “Carly Rae Jepsen” -esque bangs on some of my friends) (oh and telling Kendra that she should get bangs, probably mostly due to the fact that I knew I would never have them), I made one of these lasting, final, spontaneous decisions>> I would cute myself some bangs.

There are two problems the general public finds with that six-word statement. Number one, cutting your own hair? Really? Well, no one I’ve ever been to (and no one within my limited price range) has ever been able to cut my curly hair like I want it. Everyone seems to cut it just like they would straight hair, and I’ve learned over the years that it just really doesn’t work.

The second problem is that, duh, I have curly hair. And unruly, curly bangs are just not a good idea (try telling that to my stubborn, spontaneous brain). Well there is one Beauty blogger/Youtuber (Beautycrush) who has similar curly hair to mine and she has curly bangs. For a while now, I have admired her bangs because it’s different, and she totally makes it work, too. So the day after I made the decision, I cut my own bangs.

I know, I know. I rock.

So far, I love how they look with headbands and hats. Like hello! I’ve been missing out. Still have to figure out the whole what-to-do-with-second-day-hair-if-it-really-isn’t-working-out mornings, because messy bangs are much less forgiving than messy, curly hair. But yeah, I actually love having bangs so far, it’s like a whole new world!

Do you have a bangs story? (Everyone needs a bangs story, I mean, come on.) Let me know in the comments below!




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