Adventure is Out There

Okay, so I’m really sorry that it’s been so spotty around here. I promise we’ll get this bus rolling again soon. I did have this whole motivational post in my head but it’s just not happening today because my arms hurt like crap. If you didn’t know, yes it is actually a legit condition, I hurt myself playing the piano. And before you crack a joke like, “What did you fall off the piano bench?” just think about it. There are muscles in your arms too. And mine are just overused. So occasionally, I’ll have a week or two where my nerve points are tingling, my arms are sore, and my coordination is shot and this week is one of those weeks. Because of the constant online communication I have with most of the people I talk to every day (who all live in different time zones), I’ve been typing more than usual. So, yeah, I can’t really handle much typing right now (I probably shouldn’t have typed all of that out, actually). So I looked on my Pinterest and found this graphic that really captures in four words what my post was going to be about. So enjoy!





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