Apartment of my Dreams

So I totally knew what I was going to post today and now I just don’t like that idea. Let’s do something else.

This is me. Sitting in my bed at 11:06 PM. A daily blogger who has posted blog posts after 9 PM every single day this week. Good job, Aubry. You’re doing great.

Do you ever just want to be perfect and have a perfect life and make all those perfect people jealous because you’re so perfect? I think we all do. My ideal life right now is this: Live in an extremely well-lit apartment with one or three good girlfriends (I don’t know why, but light is very important to me right now), make money off of doing something on the internet, preferably social media related, live in either Los Angeles (like actually in L.A.), San Francisco, Denver, or New York City, and hide from boys for at least one whole year. I’m sorry if it sounds boring to you, but I’d really like a white, minimalistic, industrial, and sunny setting to study and work from home in. But I’m not there. I’m in rainy, cold Washington where it is dark most of the time (hooray for Daylight Savings time!).

However, I’m going back to L.A. in a week and a half! I’m going to miss all my people here, especially my Lifeway sisters (a whole freaking lot) since I’ve gotten even closer to them over the last couple months. But I am freaking excited for sun and faster speed limits and my big church with great music and the city right in my backyard. A lot of people here in Spokane don’t get it, but L.A. is home to me, and I’ve missed it a lot.

Anyways, back to the whole ideal life thing. I don’t know why it is so important to me, but I really would love to have a bright industrial apartment (which is big in L.A., I’m realizing, so maybe I should just stay there and move to Burbank or something like that). My Pinterest is full of this stuff because I just love it. Here are a few examples:

No like seriously. I could go on forever. I just had to stop myself from sharing too many more. If you want to see this board and my other Pinterest boards (I’m pretty proud of them, actually), follow me on Pinterest!

And, if you want to see more of my dream apartment inspiration, follow my LIVING board here!




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