Five Every Day Beauty Uses for Baking Soda

Confession: I’m totally writing this the day of. And it’s 7PM (Correction (9:30PM). I’m a fabulous daily blogger.

Since I haven’t been home during daylight hours all week, I really don’t want to try to take crappy pictures for any kind of tutorial like last week’s. Plus, I had planned a nail art tutorial, but forgot when I was in Texas after I had taken my nail polish off (since I didn’t have time to paint them) and bit my nails to pieces. Yeah, so tutorial not happening.

And you guys probably don’t care about that at all. Moving on.

However, I am still posting today, obviously, so I have something to share. Yay!

There is one “holy grail” natural beauty product that I use for just about everything. That is Baking Soda. Yup.

one. Where the heck do I start? The first main use for Baking Soda that I originally discovered is washing your hair. Yup. So I have curly hair, right? Turns out that most shampoos have this thing in them called sulfur and turns out that sulfur is really bad for the curly hair type. (I’ll spare you the science today.) In addition to this, detergent shampoos strip your hair of its natural oils so your head is forced to overproduce oil, hence greasy hair. In May, I noticed that my hair started getting greasy the day after I washed it. Now, I have dry everything>> dry skin, dry scalp, dry lips, dry cuticles, dry hair, the whole bundle of joy. My hair had never been greasy. Maybe after like five days of not washing it, but definitely not the day after! I started doing some research, and found this method. I seriously haven’t found a single person who hasn’t had success with Baking Soda “shampoo”. Here’s how you do it:

Mix 1 part Baking Soda with about 3 parts water in some kind of container (I use a waterbottle, but I’ve also used just a squeeze bottle that you can find like at Target). Shake it, shake, shake it. Shake it, shake, shake it.

     After you’ve wet your hair, pour the Baking Soda mixture all over your scalp. Tilt your head backwards. It helps.

     Massage only your scalp. Don’t worry about massaging the rest of your hair. It doesn’t need it. It will only dry out your ends, and you don’t want that.


     Follow with a cold White Vinegar rinse (1 part vinegar, 4 parts water), but don’t massage this time and just rinse after about 10 seconds. (Or if you’re like me and lazy, you just skip this step and load on the conditioner.)

two. Teeth whitening. Couple ways you can do this. I’ve seen making a paste with lemon juice and putting it on your teeth for no longer than one minute no more than once a week. I’ve seen buying a mouth guard and putting a baking soda/water paste in it and fitting it to your teeth for a “teeth whitening treatment.” But I prefer just putting some baking soda on my toothbrush (a separate one because it tends to stiffen the bristles really hard) and brushing the fronts of my teeth. (*Bonus Tip* Use a Banana peel to whiten your teeth too!)

three. You can also use Baking Soda to exfoliate. I’ve used it for everything, exfoliating my face, my lips, my hands, my legs, everything. Like I said, my skin is dry, so exfoliating is something I tend to have to do often. For my face, I either make a separate water/baking soda/(optional: salt) paste and rub it all over my face, or I just add some baking soda to my normal face wash.

four. This one is a weird one, but bear with me. I use it in the shower under my armpits to get old deodorant off. Not only does it exfoliate, but it also helps with dark marks or white marks or bumps or whatever problems you may have in that awesome area.

five. I wash my face with it. Yeah. Actually, I do. At least I did for about three months. I’ve stopped for a while to try other things, but if you don’t have a huge problem with acne and just need to get oil off your face once a day, use a baking soda/water paste and rub it on your face. This also works really well after work outs (because I would totally know, duh) to get sweat off your face (when you don’t want to use your normal face wash).

Best part about Baking Soda? It’s like the cheapest thing in the grocery store.

One more thing. Buy Arm&Hammer Baking Soda. Generic stuff just doesn’t cut it, I’ve tried. Spend the extra quarter on the best Baking Soda around. And, one last tip>> You don’t have to throw it away after thirty days. That’s just a marketing ploy.

Do you have any other uses for Baking Soda? Or do you have any other “holy grail” beauty products? I’d love to know!



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