When your to do list is a mile wide, pray.

This is all I have time for today because my to do list is a mile wide. The day has gone by so fast, like it still feels like it’s 2 in the afternoon and it’s almost 7 PM. Crazy. Hope this graphic encourages someone, I need to be better about this. Like one of my good friends said, “I’m going more for the strategy of, ‘The more stuff you have to do, the more time you should spend with Jesus.'” Sadly, sometimes that’s the first thing to go out the window, isn’t it. I’m off to go make dinner and ban myself from social media, email, and school for a little bit while I read some Psalms or something. Hope your Monday has gone well! Comment below anything exciting that you’ll be doing this week. And if you’re an email follower, you’re included! Visit my blog because I want to see your comment too!



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