My Amazing Trip to Texas



Here we are. The CollegePlus National Student Cabinet (or the CPNSC for short), complete with our goldfish crackers in the background that I’m too lazy to crop out. Left to right that’s Jordan, me, Bridget, Rusty, Megan, Richie, Kasey, and Enoch. And we all agree that we make an amazing team.



As I was flying into San Antonio, I was starting to get a little intimidated. Not only am I from California, I’m also from the entire West Coast, which is like it’s own little world. Don’t get me wrong, the West Coast is home to the coolest things about this country, but the rest of the country doesn’t seem to get that all the time.



But, really, I had nothing to fear. Yes, everyone I talked to there (expect for the ones from Michigan) said “y’all” and I stifled my laughter, realizing, “Oh yeah, the rest of the country doesn’t laugh when people say ‘y’all’ because it’s actually a legit thing.” And now I’ve caught myself saying it a couple of times, and guys, it might just stick.

Just kidding, I’d die. But I definitely hold a new-found respect for all those southern people who say it. Y’all are awesome. (Yes, that was me. Saying ‘y’all’.)

Moving on. That guy above is James, one of the most solid people I’ve ever met. Anyone who is lucky enough to meet this guy would 100% agree.



This is Jordan. This is James’ daughter. This is my long lost soul mate. She just messaged me a Lady Gaga song. This is why we’re friends.

On a more serious note, Jordan and I are working on Marketing together. There are a couple of projects that we’re extremely excited about and I’ll probably be sharing most of them on the blog, so stay tuned!



It looks like we’re working, but we’re probably just looking at Pinterest or Youtube.



Direct quote from Jonathan (who’s sitting at the end of the table with his hand on his head): “I wasn’t sure if the drunk guys or Aubry was louder.” All of these pictures really don’t begin to communicate the amazingness that happened that night. We came up with the name of our event that we are planning. It is CPE3. The E’s stand for Engage, Empower, and Equip. And that’s just the bare bones of it all. If you’re a CP student, you will NOT want to miss this event!!!



This is better, much more craziness in this picture.



Also, most of these photo creds go to Rusty. Rusty Martin. You might know him from like Courageous or something (which I have yet to see, sorry Rusty, I’ll get on that). This guy:



Let’s just end with his face because (well actually because I ran out of good pictures).

This trip was an absolute BLESSING and I can’t wait to continue working with all of these people. Hope all of your guys’ weekends are going well so far!



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