Anant Agarwal Speaks to Online Education

I’m obsessed with the phenomenon of online learning. I think it’s probably one of the greatest things to happen in this century so far. Millions of people are getting an education that would have absolutely no access to it otherwise and thousands others are able to avoid massive debt and become self-motivated people. Seriously, just do me a favor and look into it.

Anyways, this TED talk was extremely inspiring and I wanted to share! Anant Agarwal speaks more to the people internationally who are benefiting from the best professors the US has to offer, but also speaks to Americans who are taking advantage of this resource. If you watch this video, I promise your fifteen minutes won’t be wasted!

So, if everything goes as planned, I’m still in San Antonio and coming back tonight. I can’t wait to share pictures and possibly a Vlog with you guys! Kind of goes with the online education theme, so yeah, can’t. freaking. wait. to. share.




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