No Make-Up Make-Up Look

I’m really excited about today’s post because I get to show you my complete No Make-Up Make-Up look! It’s natural and shows off your natural beauty! This look probably takes me about ten minutes in the morning and it’s what I base all of my looks off of (because who wants to wear the same make-up every single day?). It will seem like it’s super in depth, and maybe it is, but you can stop at any point if you’re satisfied with your look. I like doing no make-up make-up because it accentuates your natural beauty.

Are you ready???

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

Alright, first you want to start off with a clean, fresh face. Easy peasy.

Next, use your favorite face moisturizer. I usually use one by Cetaphil but I’m out right now and too lazy to go get more. So I’m using my Cocoa Butter (which is only $3 for that huge bottle!) to moisturize my face. This specific lotion plays a vital part in the later look, so I have no problem putting it on my face. My skin is extremely dry, so I always have to make sure I moisturize before putting any foundation on.

P.S. If you have oily skin, don’t use Cocoa Butter to moisturize your face (sorry, I know it’s cheap). It’s definitely not oil-free, so it probably wouldn’t help your skin much.

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

After your face is good and moisturized, you’re going to apply under-eye concealer. Yes, apply it before foundation. I’m using Rimmel Match Perfection. I find it has fairly good coverage, but I really like it as a highlighter better than a concealer. But I’m being a good girl and finishing it first before I try anything else. Since we are putting it on under our foundation, it will just add to our foundation coverage and give us a flawless, natural look (rather than highlighting anything since that is not the purpose of this look).

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

Quick trick. Apply your under-eye concealer in a triangle from the outside corner of your eye to the bottom side of your nose. This applies to any time you’re applying under-eye concealer because that triangle is a good section to highlight and you’ll look more like you didn’t even try to cover up your dark circles. Highlighting this section will also make you look more awake if you’re like me and get four hours of sleep every night.

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//


No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

Next comes the fun part. We’re going to make a cocktail of Moisturizer, Foundation, and Primer. When you add Primer to Foundation, it perfects your skin more than covering it, giving you a much lighter, but more perfect coverage. I was adding my normal face moisturizer to this instead of Cocoa Butter until I ran out, but the Cocoa Butter that I use instead actually makes it last longer throughout the day! When I blend it together, I notice that it makes the mixture thicker and stronger, but the texture is still easy to apply and pliable to be really smooth on your skin. So basically, you’re making your own BB cream or something. Add an equal amount of each to the back of your hand and blend together.

Oh, by the way, I’m using Rimmel Match Perfection and Rimmel Primer as well. I’ve found that Rimmel really gives you the best bang for your buck at drugstores when it comes to face make-up.

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

Okay, sorry about the awesome pictures down here. You don’t have to make that face when applying your foundation mix and my camera decided to go all blurry on me too. But the technique I use to apply this is simple: Take your three fingers and pat, don’t rub the foundation mix all over your face and a little on your neck. Then take your stippling brush and blend. The result is an airbrushed, light-coverage look! You’re good to go!

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

Next, take your concealer and cover up little red spots you might have that weren’t covered by the foundation. I usually have to focus some around my nose as well because I’ve always had a big blackhead problem down there.

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

Now, if you’re as pale as I am, chances are, your veins are the most prominent feature of your eyelids. Yeah. What I’m doing here is just applying a tiny bit of foundation to them to cover up the veins.

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

Now, obviously we don’t want to go all out with eye shadow since we want to give people the illusion we don’t have any make-up on, but our eyes could stand for some definition. I’m taking a chocolate-colored shadow (ironically called “Chocolate”) by Estee Lauder. I’m just applying it to my crease. However, as you can see, it’s still pretty dark, and I definitely have eye-shadow on. Aha! Keep reading.

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

(Again sorry for the blurriness.) After you’ve applied shadow to your crease, put some concealer over it. Blend it with your ring finger. The result is a creamy, beautiful, shadow to define your eyelids.

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

See what difference it makes? It’s subtle, but it makes a difference!

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

Lastly, we’re going to apply some bronzer. My favorite thing to do with bronzer is pretty unconventional, so take it or leave it. I like to apply it right to my cheekbone. It gives me a kind of weathered, been outside kind of look. This look definitely works in the Northwest, but it may not work as well even in LA when I go back. (Yes, my looks are inspired based on where I’m living, actually.)

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

And there it is! Your finished, flawless, fantastically gorgeous and natural Make-Up look! You look like you didn’t even try to look good.

No Make-Up Make-Up look by Aubry Stewart//

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I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it! Thanks, as always, for reading!



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