Yes, I just quoted Dory. I’m glad you enjoyed that and that you also have “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,” stuck in your head.

DAY 048 | twothousandfourteen.wordpress.com // JUST KEEP SWIMMING

It is okay to feel unmotivated. It happens to every single one of us. Being that I’m completely unmotivated at all times right now, I get it. I was on such a high a few months ago and now I feel dominated by my uncontrolled emotions and strong desire to watch The Office or New Girl instead of get anything done. When it’s hard to take that next step and just get out of bed, life looks gray and not very inviting. I know exactly how you feel if you’re in this boat.

Well, I’m talking to both you and me here>> You CAN do it. I promise you that you can. Things won’t go smooth or quick and they sure as heck won’t feel good. Everything you do might come out half-hearted and your psych-yourself-up session might only last you an hour, but this will pass. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, it will pass. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you’ve given 80% (we all know how hard that 80% can be sometimes) and just focus on doing your best with the time and effort you’ve got. When you have the opportunity, walk around with a giant mug of your favorite tea, wearing your favorite-est comfy sweats, and end the night with your favorite TV show or a Pinterest sesh. Work as hard as you possibly can and get through it. Because “it” can be gotten through. I promise.

I’m with you on this one.

You Got This | twothousandfourteen.wordpress.com

I hope you all have a spectacular week and that you find your motivation! I for one am going to amp up the Indie music that has got me going and fill myself up with yummy tea. WORK. Let’s go!

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