Get comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s a thing.

DAY 044 | twothousandfourteen.wordpress.com // Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Suck it up.

I’ve been extremely “uncomfortable” in the past month and a half. I’ve thrown lots on my plate, my emotional stability has dropped to zero, and I’ve started a blog and that’s a new thing which is bound to be uncomfortable. I have started feeling sorry for myself recently because I have so much on my plate and I feel like I never have the opportunity to breathe! But this morning I had an epiphany. It consisted of:

GET OVER YOURSELF. (I’m so deep.)

So yeah, I’ve decided that no longer will I feel sorry for myself. When I have the opportunity to sit down and do some school I’ll make the most of it. When things come up that must be done (like shoveling the sidewalks, how glamorous), I’ll listen to new music and have fun. When I have to work more than I planned, I’ll just remember that thankfully, it’s a part time job, which means for every extra hour I work, I get more money. And then, when awesome things happen in my life and I see the fruits of my labor, I’ll feel this sense of pride that would never have ever come had I not worked my tail off.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself if things aren’t going the way you planned. Change your plans, suck it up, and don’t complain. Work your butt off. Keep moving, even if the achievement of your goals is coming much slower than you expected. You have time. You’ll always have time.

And enjoy the ride.

You all have this stuff.

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