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I’m pretty dang cold today, actually everyone on the West Coast is cold today. We all were very much enjoying a mild winter and then it hit. Full blast. Poor Los Angeles has to deal with 40 degree weather (OMG). So of course, LA is our acting poster child here on the West Coast.

Then there’s us here in the Inland Northwest with our high of 12 degrees and a windchill factor of -10. But we shouldn’t be complaining, the Midwest has had to deal with this for a few weeks now.



I did what anyone else would do and took an old rose that Kendra had given me that I didn’t take care of (*cough*) and put it in some ice (right outside my door, hiking is not even a possibility at this point) and took a picture of it.


Hope everyone, wherever you are, is surviving our freaky weird weather of 2014 so far. I don’t care if it has to do with pollution or not, it breaks it up a little and the people in the South get to go into OPERATION STAY CALM. Driving is just a non-issue. Who would risk their lives on half an inch of snow (HALF AN INCH OMG) for a gallon of milk??? Not me!

Okay, all sarcasm aside, I really must go respond to that facebook message because unfortunately I “looked” at it. And facebook knows. Facebook knows everything.

Seriously, just go follow me.

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