My motivation is just gone. I mean, seriously, gone.

I have a post on Creativity that was scheduled for today that has been in my drafts for almost a week now. I’ve rewritten it twice, and decided that I’m going to rewrite it again. So, sorry, that’s not happening today. But, in light of my lack of motivation, I thought I’d share with you one of the things I do to try to combat that. I also spent some quality time at the cutest little tea and coffee shop this afternoon, so those are the pictures you’ll be seeing.

A lot of people see me as a “has it all together” type of girl just because I manage to do a lot of things all at once. But really, that’s just me trying to get attention, or something. I’m honestly flailing and I’m emotionally drained.


I mean, I have a lot going on. I’m working, doing school full time (or should be full time), blogging, and also flying down to San Antonio at the end of this month to begin planning for a week-long event for CollegePlus. So basically I have a part-time job, a full-time job, a part-time/full-time job, and a part-time job. I’m getting about six hours of sleep a night and still not managing to get everything done that I need to.


I’m not being lazy, I just honestly don’t know where to start. And, ask my dad, taking something off my plate is never an option for me. Try all you want to get me to do less and maybe you’ll succeed…for a week. I’ll find something else to fill my new-found “time”. And then sleep less.

Last semester was the first time I really discovered how much I can accomplish and I laid down some processes that really helped me to do that. Now I’m rediscovering them because I forgot all about them. Today, I re-initiated a very important process in my life. That is, writing down goals.

I write long-term goals first, figure out what the big picture is. Where do I want to see myself in a year? In six months? In three months? What are the big things that will put me at a new advantage? Do numbers play a part? Then, I break it down. What am I going to accomplish by the end of next week? I wrote down five.


Now obviously, what I write down is not all that I do, I’m not writing down the sink full of dishes that have been there for a week (oops). But it gives me a rock solid foundation. No room for freak out time. Just do it. That’s all.


And that’s really the value in writing these things down. I have it all in my head, obviously, I don’t have to do any research or look anything up to fill up a whole page with goals. But having it on paper, even for me who is a weirdo and finds little to no pleasure in crossing things off of lists, gives me a sense of where I’m at and how hard I need to work and what exactly I need to do to get from point A to point B to point C to point Z.

I’m not afraid to write down vague ideas either. I wrote, “Be efficient at everything I do,” and “Eat healthy.” Don’t discount the power of a mindset. Efficiency can come in the form of a schedule, yes, but if you’re mostly working at home (like I am), then a schedule can be squished around and ignored. So the schedule won’t work without the mindset, at least for me.

I’ve shared this concept of writing down goals with friends before and they said it helped them too. So I thought I’d share, since the post that was planned for today is still majorly in process.



I’m giving you a project! Share this post with your friends and encourage them to write down their goals. Then write down yours. Share your goals with your friends and ask for accountability!

And of course, comment below. I’d love to hear the goals you have for yourself and what you want to accomplish!

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