This post is the first in a series on LEARNING I’m going to be publishing. My goal is to have one of these go live once a week. My guess is there will be four posts in this series, but I like to change my plans, so it will probably not be four. Yeaaahh.

WARNING: This post was written at 12:08 in the morning and its author was extremely tired.


If you read the title, then you know that this post is on the different learning types. You may not even know these exist, but they do! And, to me, they are fascinating. The three main learning types are Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Visual. (Kinesthetic is a big word, in simple terms, it means “hands-on”.) Now in my experience, most people do not possess just one of these learning styles, but a combination of the three. However, usually, one is strikingly more prominent than the others and it is very important to know which one that is. Keep in mind that you should probably know how you learn before you know how to learn. Since learning is different for everyone (don’t let those SAT scorers tell you otherwise), your special combination of the three will dictate exactly how you can begin to learn effectively.

Three Learning Styles

So how can you tell which is your prominent learning type? Yes, it is easier said than done, but ask yourself whether you learn best by listening, by doing, or by watching, and you’ll have a massive clue. To give you an example, over the few years I’ve spent studying how I learn, I’ve noticed that I’m primarily an auditory learner, and secondarily a visual learner. I learn exponentially better (meaning, I remember more information) by listening to a lecture than by reading a textbook; however, in the past, I have been able to catch on to things extremely quickly because my package comes complete with the power of observation. After watching someone do something, I usually am pretty close to understanding how it works (whether that be musically related or otherwise). As you can see, my combination is fairly complex, so I encourage you to not limit yourself to a confining box>> feel free to come up with something that doesn’t necessarily fit conventionally (as I did with observation).

Now that we know how to find our learning style (hopefully I did it justice), we need to know why it is important. I’ll go into this in depth in my “Learning How to Learn” post, but the simple and practical version is this: When you sit down to learn something, which we all inevitably do, you can utilize specific methods that work well with your predominant learning style. If you are an auditory learner and NOT a visual learner, listen to your book as an audio book rather than trying to cram it into your head. If you are a kinesthetic learner, do the thing you are trying to learn.

So I challenge you>> This week, study how you learn. Experiment and implement your findings and see how much better things might stick. Stay tuned for the next post in this LEARNING series to go up sometime next week!

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