I really must give credit where credit is due and turn you all to Shameless Maya on YouTube. I watched her newest video today and decided I was going to write a post about it (they say the best artists steal, okay?).

I really do enjoy Maya. Some of her theology, I would say, is definitely off. But some of her life philosophy is definitely on. She is creative and makes herself uncomfortable on purpose to push herself. She’s been through a lot emotionally in the past couple years, but has thrived through it (which is something I really want to do). Anyways, go check her out on YouTube and watch the video below.

So this video is obviously about getting it done, keeping busy, never stopping. She poses the question, “How in the world can you go anywhere if you aren’t moving?” Now, for many of us, it is difficult to find both the motivation to keep moving and the purpose to do so (CAN I GET AN AMEN). We are everything and A.D.D. because of the thousands of options we’re given. “Go to college,” they say. “Pick a degree,” they say. “Make that degree the one thing you do for the rest of your flipping life,” they say. But you must rise to the top so you can die happy. The pressure put on us at such a crazy age (you know, like 16-21, which only includes three big huge massively important birthdays) can make us feel inadequate and unsure and ready to just quit and watch Netflix for the rest of the night (CAN I GET ANOTHER AMEN). How in the world do we go some place without knowing where we’re going?

Well first of all, like they all say, if you are moving, you’ll go somewhere (or the Christian version, if you’re not moving, God can’t steer you). But what do we do? Where do we start? What’s the point? The point is, you (yes, you!) have this amazing potential that is waiting to come out. I don’t care about all of the stuff you’ve already done, or all of the stuff you haven’t ever done, you have special-ness down there and it’s waiting to come out. Your job is to extract it. And yes, that is easier said than done.

People frequently ask me why in the world I never slow down. Or don’t believe that I can accomplish all of the things I tell them I’m doing. Or whatever. I’m constantly adding things to my schedule and I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing it. Now, of course, this can be very unhealthy. Last semester was INSANE and now that I’m trying to start up again (and essentially accomplish even more this semester), my motivation levels are at a sad low. But I’ll get there. My philosophy is based on hard work, but not so hard that I stop spending time with God or people, that’s where I draw the line. But as a single person, I have very little attachments, which means I have a whole bunch of time (at least 17 hours of non-sleep time every day) and I’ve realized all that I can do!

Now, I’m not asking you to load yourself down with work more than you want to (well, okay, I sort of am), but if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, chances are you have potential itching to get out. So here’s my tip for you (it’s quite simple, really)>> If you want to do something, do something. Learn to push yourself, discipline yourself, buckle down and get ‘er done. Do this with the things you already have on your plate. Now comes the fun part. If you’re diligent with what you already have going on, you’ll find yourself with all this time to use somewhere else. Start with a hobby. Is it something you would absolutely love to do for a living but no one says you can? Research (because you have freaking Google in your pocket), figure out if there’s a market somewhere. Find out if it’s something you can teach, or develop, or make product for. Now you’re being productive and doing what you love.

Here’s an example. One of my dear friends (you met her in my VLOG, which, by the way, go check it out!), Kelsey, and her sister own their own business. Kelsey’s love and passion is Disney everything. I guess you could say, growing up, one of her hobbies was Disney princesses. Now her dream is to work at Disney as a Disney princess. Well instead of just waiting to go the traditional route (the usual, applying to the Disney school, getting looked over for natural resemblance to movie characters, and learning how to wave just like a princess should wave), Kelsey decided to just go for it where she was. Her and her sister began throwing birthday parties for little girls dressed up as Disney princesses. Now, after only a few months, their business is growing exponentially, and they are making a definite profit. Kelsey didn’t leave Disney at a hobby, or even at a dream>> she went out and did it, and now she’s making money off of it.

I hope this example helps a little bit, maybe sparks something in your brain about what you could be doing. I’m trying really hard not to say anything that is in two of my other posts which are scheduled for later this week. They’ll go in to the nitty-gritty of what I’m sort of talking about, give you concrete advice (not just, ahem, “Do something”). So stay tuned for those! I really hope they help give some direction to you in spite of this insane world we live in. For our generation, something’s in the water, because we all easily lose focus, it seems. (Yes, I know it’s technology. No, I’m not stupid.)

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