I’m doing college under $20,000 in under three years and will graduate with work experience, hopefully an internship, and possibly a business already underway. If you didn’t read how I’m doing this, go read yesterday’s post now.

During my first year, I thought of CollegePlus as just a simple, easy, affordable alternative to a four-year school. I wanted to be a musician, a vocation that really doesn’t require a college degree (whatever my piano teacher tried to tell me), and I only needed to get a degree because my parents were making me. So, I succumbed reluctantly to classes like Biology and Psych 101 and pretty much hated every second of it. As the months have gone by, however, and I have become extremely excited about what I’m learning, I know that that excitement can only be attributed to the method I’m using to learn. Keep reading, and find out why I think CollegePlus is actually a superior option to a four-year school.


one. FLEXIBILITY. I have the most flexible school schedule anyone could have. I literally told my boss at work that he can schedule me whenever he wants (more availability=more hours…hopefully). I get to pick when my vacation happens, and if my brain is fried, I won’t die if I don’t get those four papers turned in by Monday.

two. MENTORING. Even if you go to a school with a fabulous student to teacher ratio, it will probably be 7 to 1. More likely, your school’s ratio will be 27 to 1. And unless you go looking for it, none of your teachers will act intentionally as a mentor. At CollegePlus, you’re assigned to a “coach” who acts as your mentor for school and life and anything that is going on. I really love how my coach will talk about school most of the time, but if something hard or stressful is going on in my life, I have absolutely no problem telling her about it. More often than not, she’s had a similar experience (since they match you and your coach with similar personalities), and can give me good advice. We’ve had conversations ranging from school to work to creativity to relationships. And I love it.

three. CONTROL. You control what you’re learning. Yeah, you still have your core classes to do, and you can’t just take whatever you want, but because of how CollegePlus is structured, I’m taking courses that sound interesting from three different colleges. Because I can. And I want to.

four. COST. If you’re looking for a cheap version of college that isn’t a community college, CollegePlus is it. I’m doing my degree in under $20,000 for the whole thing. If I were to go to the university of my choice, I would be paying twice that every single year for four years. I will graduate with $0 in debt; yeah, I may not have as much “fun” as my friends at a four-year college, but I might own a house before them. Just saying.

five. LEARNING. I have heard over and over again from people much smarter than I that if a person knows how to learn, they can do anything. With CollegePlus, you have no choice but to learn how to learn. You don’t have a prof giving you homework. You only have one test to study for that literally is 100% of your grade. And what do you have to study for it? A book from Amazon, and the internet. I’ve learned more about my field (Marketing) outside of school and purely from the internet because CollegePlus has taught me how to do it. I have learned how to learn, and I have an excitement for it!

six. SKILLS. Because school is flexible, you have so much more opportunity to do what you love. Maybe your passion is dancing. And maybe your dad won’t let you go to college for dancing because he thinks you’ll never find a job afterwards that will pay off your student loans. You can keep pursuing dancing and get a business degree on the side. Then, when you’re debt free and armed with business know-how and a piece of paper saying you know it, you can get a job in the dancing industry. Maybe start your own studio. Maybe you can go overseas and study there. Or go on a missions trip and use your skills to minister to others. Your opportunities are endless, all because of a couple years when you worked your tail off and didn’t get into debt.


seven. BRAGGING RIGHTS. Yep. CollegePlus students always get more credits than their friends at four-year college. I loved to tell people I was getting 24 credits last semester. I’d watch their face and listen to their disbelief, and then I did it. Boom.

So there are my reasons that I believe CollegePlus is a superior choice to four-year college. If you have any questions, definitely comment below. To contact CollegePlus for information, email info@collegeplus.org. If you end up applying to CollegePlus, be sure to let them know I sent you by entering my code, 9840, or by clicking my link. If you are younger, make sure you check out their High School option, CollegePrep which is a little bit slower and only requires two courses to be taken.

One more thing. If CollegePlus sounds like something you want to do, try your best to apply before February (2014). CollegePlus tuition is going up substantially starting February 1st because of some great tools CollegePlus is adding to the program.

Thanks so much for reading, and let me know if you have any questions!

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