Much confusion is bred when I tell people I’m in college. And then I turn around and tell them I’m living in two places. Really, at this point, there is no easy way to explain it in one sentence. Sorry world.


I’m doing college through CollegePlus along with about 3,000 other students who live all over the country, and all over the world. I’ll only have to pay about $17,000 for my entire degree, and my diploma will come from an accredited college. I’m 18 now and a junior in college. Last semester, I got 24 credits; I plan to accomplish 42 credits before September of 2014. My mentor and I have a phone call about every two weeks and she talks to me specifically about my school goals, time and stress management, and whatever else is going on in my life. I can do school wherever and whenever I want and I get to pick my own vacation time.

At this point, you’re either thinking, Sounds impossible or Sounds weird or Sign me up!


You apply to CollegePlus on their website (the easiest application you will ever fill out in your life), you get a phone call from their admissions department (WARNING: turn down your phone because they are very excited about life), and you are set up with one of their coaches based on your interests, personality type, and learning type. After you accomplish some preparatory courses to help you study more efficiently, you buy some REA books to help you study for your first CLEP tests. Their Degree Manager app gives you 10-20 extra resources to help you effectively study for the test. Then, you go to your nearest testing center (mine is either Whitworth University or The Master’s College, depending on where I am in the world) and take a 90 min-2 hr test and get your 3-6 credits. Once you take all of your tests (eventually branching out to DANTES and TECEP tests and even utilizing Aleks and some special CollegePlus courses accredited through ACE) you easily transfer all your earned credits to one of CollegePlus’ partner schools. After taking a few online courses through those colleges to finish up (good news! Your GPA is based only on these final courses), your diploma is sent to you and you’re done.

Best part: how long do students usually take? A whopping two-three years. Some students even start in Highschool and finish college before Highschool. Are they extra-smart? They wouldn’t say so. Is it for you? Yes!

I was pretty much forced into the CollegePlus option by my parents. Not really dragged into it, per se, but my mom applied me without telling me (thanks, Mom). My first year, I think I probably did a total of 7 courses. With the two tests I had taken prior to starting, I was nine deep by the end of my “freshman” year (which was also my senior year of Highschool). I was slow going that year because there was a lot going on, I was lazy, my heart wasn’t in it, and I figured out that I could reschedule tests so deadlines weren’t ever really deadlines. After that year, I finally got into it, developed my system (it’s all in the system), and began to discover how fast I could really go. So I got 24 credits in four months. And that’s not even very impressive compared to many CollegePlus students.

A lot of people think that this won’t work for them. They think that they need a classroom setting and a “college experience”. And I completely understand that different environments encourage learning for different people. Unfortunately, the people who need a classroom setting or a social life are at a disadvantage. And I say this with remorse because it is quite unfortunate. But it is a straight-up fact that a classroom setting costs thousands of dollars. And a good classroom setting costs tens of thousands of dollars. Not many people have that much money.

{FACT: People who have college debt cannot file for bankruptcy. Yeah. Not cool.}

In this day and age, in a time when almost every single person in our generation is going to college, a Bachelor’s degree is not going to set you apart in the workplace. Maybe the fact that you finished your degree in two years will. BUT, all of your internships, or the business you started, or the volunteer work you did, and all of the references who say you have a strong work ethic that will be added to your bachelor’s degree, or the places you traveled will set you apart. Since doing college this way gives you complete flexibility, you can do whatever you want to do and be wherever you want to be while still getting a degree.

Still don’t think CollegePlus is for you? That’s okay. I didn’t think it was for me either. It’s scary, going so against the flow while everyone else you know is doing the “normal” thing and going to “normal” school. I’ve compiled a list of reasons I think CollegePlus is actually superior to a four-year school, not just why it “works” as a substitute. I’ll post this list tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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