It blows me away sometimes how normal a touch screen feels to me now. I remember when I was younger and my sister and I would whisper about the lottery machine at the grocery store that was a touch screen (we knew we weren’t allowed to touch it, but we watched people who used it in awe). Of course, this touch screen that was locked away in a big green box didn’t work very well, but we didn’t care. You could touch the screen and it did what you told it to! Pretty crazy.

Well now, of course, I have one of those in my pocket and if I’m using a non-touch screen phone, I catch myself touching the screen on accident. It’s something we all are used to now (and, if you’re closer to my age, probably find identity in) and my goal is to be able to use my phone as a tool rather than a time-waster. So I’ve compiled my top ten most frequented apps (that aren’t spam apps, and actually work very smoothly) that you may or may not have heard of.

P.S. I have an android, so some apps may work differently and/or have a similar but different app in the Apple Store.


ten. Jo-Ann Fabrics. I don’t go to Jo-Ann’s super often (I did over the summer like every week for some reason), but I’m very impressed with their app. If you have the app, you pretty much have a never-ending 40% off coupon always. There are other coupons that float around as well. Just load the coupon on your phone and they scan it right from your phone. You can shop online within the app, and find your nearest Jo-Ann’s. Apparently I go to Jo-Ann’s enough to have the app, and boy have I been delighted with it. It’s clean, works well, and has amazing coupons!


nine. Checkout51. I just recently found this app because I signed up for mPoints through The Weather Channel app and they give you free downloads of random apps as you redeem your points. I don’t know if this app costs anything, because they might have given it to me for free, so let me know in the comments if it does. Basically how it works is that there is a list of items that you buy at the grocery store (like a gallon of milk, or a brand of cereal) and you take a picture of your receipt. When you upload your receipt, a certain amount of money is added to your account depending on what you bought. Once you reach at least $20, you “cash out” and they send you a check! Way better than coupons, right?


eight. Sound Hound. This app came already downloaded on my phone when I bought it. Sometimes I’m listening to a song on the radio and I really want to find out what the song is and who it’s by (know the feeling?). Well this app “listens” to the song and tells you what it is, whatever segment you might be at. This even worked for me at a coffee shop when there was a lot of noise and I could barely hear the song!


Bastille is the soundtrack of my life right now.

seven. Spotify. Okay, so everyone has heard of this app, but I included it because it was recently updated! It used to be that the app only worked if you paid (which, of course, I don’t). But now, you can listen to your playlists on shuffle (only)! This is nice for those times I’m in places that I don’t want to take my computer but still want to listen to music. Also, this beats Pandora or iHeart Radio, because you have unlimited skips!


six. Bloglovin. If you read my post about this, you know already that I love Bloglovin. I also love using this app to scroll through my feed! I can’t share content on Pinterest or Stumble-Upon like I can on my computer, but I still love reading the thoughts of other bloggers and seeing fashion inspiration from fashion bloggers. And you don’t have to leave the app (which is very clean, by the way) when reading a blog post. You can read it in their special reader.


five. VSCO Cam. I just recently discovered this app and I use it for my instagram pictures now. After using the Instagram filters for so long, I was ready for some new variety, and VSCO Cam has some amazing looking filters to choose from! It’s easy to take a picture within the app, there aren’t any annoying adds every time you do anything, and you can share it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter directly from the app.


four. Google Chrome. I love using this browser rather than my original phone browser! I use Chrome on my computer, so once I signed in, all of my computer bookmarks went directly to my phone. When Chrome saves a password on my computer, it saves it on my phone too. Hassle free, and easy to switch back and forth if and when I only have access to my phone.


three. Google Currents. First of all, if you have an android, just search “Google” in your apps and see what stands out to you. They have some pretty functional and fun apps that work perfectly! When I did this, I found Currents. Through Currents, I can subscribe to magazines and newspapers for absolutely free. My favorite one is The Entrepreneur (which, by the way, here’s their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest>> check these out to read some really stellar articles about Entrepreneurship).


two. Quizlet. If you’re a student, this one’s for you! Quizlet just recently developed their Android app (which was a relief for me) and it still has a couple glitches. HOWEVER, don’t let that stop you from downloading it and getting a Quizlet account! Through Quizlet, you can easily find flashcard sets that have already been created for whatever you’re studying (I find sets for my business classes). You can also make your own by typing them out, or copying a glossary which will transfer to a set (a lifesaver for me!). The app obviously just connects to your existing account and you can study there, wherever you are!


one. Google Keep. Without a doubt, this has been the best app find for me! I absolutely love it and use it almost every day. It is a note app, but graphically, it is awesome. As you can see from the screenshot, each note can be a color. You can either do paragraph form, or a check list (with real check boxes for those of us who just need to see that box crossed out). I love it, because I have the Google Keep site bookmarked on my computer so wherever I am, I can add ideas to my many lists on either my phone or my computer. For creative minds, students, or really anyone, this app is a must-have!

So there you go, my top ten apps of 2013, I guess. These clean and fully functional apps were well used (at least most of them), I can tell you that. Let me know what your top apps are in the comments below!

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