JAN 13


Bloglovin has been one of my best discoveries on the internet so far. There are countless content creators on the internet, and I want to get to know them. However, it is difficult to find those people who are actually worth following. Bloglovin has helped me do that.


As you can see, it is easy to find blogs on interests you might have. My personal favorites are Design, Fashion, Photography, and Street Style. Click on one of those, and follow a blog that looks interesting. It’s easy to unfollow a blog if it isn’t as interesting anymore.


When you go to your feed, you can scroll through, see pictures, titles, and snippets from new posts on the blogs you follow. Works just like blogreader with blogspot, except it is cleaner (in my opinion) and it has more variety, since more blogs from all platforms are on it. Also, you don’t get an email every time you have unread posts. You can scroll through your feed when and if you feel like it. No pestering.

Oh! One more thing. Bloglovin also has an app (for both iPhone and Android) that I love to use. You don’t leave the app to read blogs, so when you’re on the go, it’s mobile friendly and easy to use.

Sign up at Bloglovin.com! Also, make sure to follow me on Bloglovin by clicking the amazing (and provided) button below.

Follow on Bloglovin

Love you all!




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