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Totally just came up with that in like five seconds, so I don’t even know if that term has been used before, if it means something completely different than I’m going to say it means, or if it is just stupid. But here we go.

Historically, business is money. Money is what business breathes (if the monster were alive), it is what it thrives on, it is how it grows. Businessmen are successful based on how much money they make. Some people idealistically base success on something much more meaningful than money, but we can’t deny that a man worth a million bucks looks at the man worth a billion bucks and wants to be the man worth a billion bucks. How much money does a person want? Just one penny more.

So numbers, however much we may deny it, are the language of success in our culture. And this is particularly true of the last 100 years. But I would like to suggest that that is changing and I am very excited about that possibility.

I’m pretty much the least qualified person to be writing anything about business success because I didn’t even run a successful lemonade stand unless my parents were having a garage sale. I mean, my sisters and I once dug up rocks and tried to sell them. {We sold one.} But then came the day when my parents didn’t budge>> I would be getting a college degree. Which, you know, was probably a good idea.

Many people ask me why I didn’t go for a music degree. It’s a long story, involves some crying and dying inside, and piano teacher drama, and expensive schools, and the realization that I could probably learn everything I would ever need to know about songwriting way outside of a traditional institution. That coupled with the fact that I began pursuing my degree through a distance learning program (collegeplus.org) that is both fast and cheap (and now, extremely fun) turned me away from the whole music degree option. All that to say, I’m a musician, but I really don’t want a music degree. So I did what anyone else does who doesn’t know what degree to get>> decided to get some sort of business degree. And it has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

I wanted to get a business degree to hold up my passion for music and when looking at the different business options, I chose marketing because it looked like the most fun. And heck, was I right! My creativity met business, and now I’m convinced that the world needs creative business people. I jump up and down just as much when I get excited about a newly discovered business or a brilliant marketing strategy as when I hear some inspiring harmony. And I think I’ve made one of the most exciting discoveries I’ve ever made in my very short life. That is, what I am calling “The Un-Monied Business”.

The Un-Monied Business>>>

An “Un-Monied Business” is a company whose transactions have value beyond money. The absolute  b e s t  example I have come across (and also one of the first companies to start this trend) is TOMS. When you buy a pair of shoes, another pair of shoes is given to a child in need. The transaction is $50 plus tax and the quenched desire of a good many people to help someone less fortunate than themselves. This is one of the most brilliant marketing strategies of our day! When you sell a pair of shoes, you actually sell two pairs of shoes AND your customers are happy and left wanting to do business with you again. Not only that, but there’s a pretty good chance they’ll tell their friends about their purchase. So in one transaction, you’ve doubled the sale, served a happy customer, and got free marketing and publicity. Brilliant, ladies and gentlemen.

But I know for a fact that Blake Mycoskie didn’t start TOMS to make millions of dollars. He started TOMS to help children in need. And that is what un-monied entrepreneurs have that other entrepreneurs don’t>> a cause they stand behind that their potential customers will stand behind as well, and also get excited about. And that is what I, as a businessperson, want to tap into.

Not only am I  s t o k e d  about this un-monied business stuff, but I’m excited about where I, and the rest of my generation, can take it. People are looking for it. From what I can tell, our generation is very idealistic. We have a strong desire to help people in need and to make the world a better place. Where better to start than in business?

I am so excited to see what happens in the future with the un-monied business. I think it’s going to be a great ride.

Let me know what you think about this idea in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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