New Year’s Day has never seemed like a holiday to me. I hear coworkers wishing customers a “Happy New Year”, and I wonder what significance that holds. (Then, of course, I do it also, and still wonder what significance it holds.) New Year’s Day is my parent’s anniversary, so maybe it has more to do with the fact that we celebrate my parents and not the coming year. But, even though January 1st technically is a new beginning, all it has ever held for me is guaranteed confusion when writing the date (at least until September). Besides, it seems silly to celebrate yet another holiday when we have just come off of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Still, I’d like very much to make this year a little different than the rest and begin fresh, at least psychologically.

I’ve never been one for making resolutions. Usually they seem too fuzzy, and losing weight or dieting right after the fudge season is probably the worst time of year to dig for non-existent motivation. Besides, the month of January is like turning a year older. People ask you if you feel different, and you have to say, No. Other than Christmas break to look forward to, December 1st really doesn’t seem much different than January 1st to me. BUT, in this life, there are no real live beginnings unless you make them. So for me, January 1st, 2014 starts a real live beginning. Complete with real live RESOLUTIONS.

one. I will schedule time to grow relationships. My priorities very easily win out over anything that doesn’t have a deadline, like sleeping, eating, and cleaning my room. Family and friends seem to get little, if any, time allotted to them in my Google Calendar. This year, my goal is to have the discipline to periodically stop everything and have conversations with one of my sisters or a good friend. I suspect that I’ll find more energy to get back to work.

two. I want to stretch and grow and mature. I already know that some things about this next semester will challenge me. I want to be able to face the hard and come out of it a better and stronger person. Making the hard decision may be the best thing for me as I walk through this crazy year.

three. Creativity has always been one of the most important qualities to me personally, and this year, I want to extend my creative abilities further than I can even imagine right now. Taking every opportunity possible to grow in my innovative and artistic skills, my resolution is to become the most creative person I can be and inspire others to be creative as well. My hope for this blog really is to do just that>> document my journey, both creative and otherwise, and attempt to inspire other people to push themselves in their creativity as well.

So there are my three resolutions for this year. It’ll be a crazy ride and I can’t wait. Thanks in advance for reading and following my journey. I hope it’ll be a blast for you as much as it is for me!

Tell me, what are your resolutions for this year?

I hope your 2014 is amazing. And if it isn’t amazing, I hope next year you’ll be able to compare your 2013 self to your 2014 self and see a difference. And I hope 2014 wins. I hope you love well and hurt well and find many things to be passionate about. And I hope you find the love of God to be exactly what you are searching for every day.





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